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AREA Presentation by Danielle Casey

MPI New Mexico serves meeting planners, destination management professionals, hotel representatives and hospitality industry suppliers across the Land of Enchantment. Founded in 1997, the chapter provides educational development opportunities, cultivates business leaders, supports industry partnerships and demonstrates commitment to excellence in the meetings industry.

When you join MPI New Mexico, you become part of an organization dedicated to your personal and career success. You’ll connect with the innovative learning, passionate people and big ideas that will empower you to become an agent of change and reinvent the world.

Legislative Summary 2023 - GACC Recap Presentation

New Mexico Tourism Exchange

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If you haven’t heard, let’s catch you up! The New Mexico Tourism Department is taking the reigns as leaders in the tourism industry with New Mexico being the first state in the U.S to adapt and launch this innovative platform.

What is the New Mexico Tourism Exchange you ask? The Exchange is a digital platform currently operating in Australia, the U.K. and Japan that connects suppliers (that’s you) with distributors (OTA’s tour operators, local destinations and other websites) that will package and sell your products and services on a global stage, bringing visitors from all over the world to experience our amazing destination!

What should you do next? That’s easy! Please visit the Tourism Exchange USA website and sign up to receive more information on the official launch of the Exchange, webinars, and more. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect with more distributors, expand your visibility and grow your business, so sign up now!

For further questions, Joe Leong from the New Mexico Tourism Department would be happy to help.

Rocky Mountain Lodging Report

The Rocky Mountain Lodging Report is a monthly survey of lodging conditions in the New Mexico Metropolitan Areas, as well as in the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. The report provides the monthly occupancy, average daily rate, and RevPAR for various markets in each region, as well as year-to-date statistics for each sub-market compared to the prior year. Approximately 150 hotels participate in the NM survey at No Cost to the hotels. If not a participant we invite you to do so to make our data more meaningful to this association and community.

In order for hotels to participate enroll using this form: Download .pdf file



New Mexico State Law on Hotel Compliance Regarding Tenancy Termination, Evictions and Rate Changes

2023 Legislative Session Summary

Quick Read on Minimum Wage

Follow the strictest of the ordinances that apply to your location.   If you are within the city limits of a city with its own minimum wage (Albuquerque, Las Cruces, or Santa Fe), follow the guidelines of your city. If you are outside of the incorporated city limits, but your county has its own minimum wage (Bernalillo County, Santa Fe County), follow the guidelines of your county.  Follow the minimum wage in New Mexico if you are not in an area listed above.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   If your city or county has posted a minimum wage that is LESS than the State’s Minimum Wage, you must use the higher State wage.  If your city or county has posted a minimum wage that is MORE than the State’s minimum wage, you must use the higher city or county wage.  You must always follow the strictest option.

Note:  RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE  based on ordinances and local governments.  Always consult with your city or county’s website for verification.  Some entities may have possible increases linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or other indices.

Minimum Wage:  $7.25
Tipped Employee Wage: $2.13 plus tips equal $7.25 or more
Date of Enactment: 1/1/2009
Helpful Links:  General Wage Information

With no benefits or benefits under $2500.00:
Minimum Wage$12.00
Tipped Employee Wage: $7.20 plus tips equal to $12.00 or more
Date of Enactment:
Linked to CPI?:  Yes
Helpful LinksGeneral Wage Information

Las Cruces:
Minimum Wage: $12.00
Tipped Employee Wage$4.78 plus tips equal to $12.00 or more
Linked to CPI?
: Yes
Date of Enactment:  1/1/2015
Helpful LinksCity of Las Cruces Website2023 Wage Memo

Santa Fe County:
Minimum Wage: $12.95
Tipped Employee Wage:  currently  $3.88 plus tips equal to $12.95 or more
Linked to CPI? : Yes
Date of Enactment: 3/1/2015;  (update in January for March CPI increase)
Helpful Links:  General Wage information (includes downloads of wage ordinance and posters)

State of New Mexico:
Minimum Wage:  $12.00/hour
Tipped Employee Wage: $3.00/hour plus tips to equal $12.00 or more

Helpful links: NM State Minimum Wage Info
                      Required Minimum Wage Employee Rights Poster
                     Required Minimum Wage Employee Rights Poster – Spanish

Bernalillo County:
With no benefits or benefits under $2500.00:
Minimum Wage: $12.00/hour
Tipped Employee Wage: 
 $3.00/hour plus tips equal to $12.00 or more
1/1/23 – 
Bernalillo County will adjust its minimum wage at an undetermined future date after action by the Board of County Commissioners. The State of New Mexico minimum wage is the prevailing wage.
Linked to CPI?
:  Yes
Date of Enactment 1/26/2015
Note: If you supply benefits over 2500.00; see the county wage ordinance.
Helpful Links: County Wage Ordinance

Santa Fe:
Minimum Wage: currently  $12.95
Tipped Employee Wage:  $3.00/hour plus tips to equal $12.95 or more
Linked to CPI?
: Yes
Date of Enactment: 2004; (updates in January for March CPI increase)
Helpful LinksGeneral Wage Information (includes downloads of wage ordinance and posters)


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ACE Program

The ACE program is designed to develop Albuquerque Community Experience professionals, who are people who can answer guests’ questions about things to do and places to visit. It also provides training on topics such as first impressions, effective communication and handling conflict.

Date:               Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Time:               9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location:        Sawmill Market
                        Mill Room
                        1909 Bellamah Ave. NW
                        Albuquerque., NM 87101

Cost is $25 per student for Visit Albuquerque partners; non-partners are $40

  • Registration begins at 8:30 am or 12:00 noon
  • Class begins promptly at scheduled start time
  • A continental breakfast will be provided with water and coffee for morning classes
  • A light snack and water will be provided for afternoon classes
  • Masks are optional

There are a limited number of seats, so register soon and save your spot.

If you would like to register or host an ACE class contact Trish Hathoot at or 505-908-8178.