This is a placeholder article, with the title Covid Update. This format of information display is called a "blog post" and it's an ideal way to add timely content. Posts can be sorted by "categories" and can also be highlighted by "tags". Posts can be in more than one category, as well. For example if a luncheon is held at the Pyramid, we might put this in categories Events and Luncheons and add the tag "Pyramid" so that future articles that involve that location would be viewed by simply clicking on that tag. It's a little hard to illustrate without a few pieces of content, but I used this format extensively on The front page content, which changes weekly, is keyed to the weekly article that I write for them, and clicking on that main image will give you a deep dive into the content from previous "posts". Each post has a "featured image" which shows up as posts are indexed.

The blog system generates its own menu as "breadcrumbs" which show in the banner image at the top. The main site menu will also be shown.


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The Story Behind GAHLA
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